Who we are
The foundational beliefs of our ministry, and the driving force behind our church’s mission and vision, are centered around five core values:

 1.     Biblical Truth

2.      Prayer

3.      Worship

4.      Fellowship

5.      Evangelism  

The Biblical basis of our ministry can be found in the following scriptures:

1.      2 Corinthians 5:17-20

2.      Matthew 22: 36-40

Our History

Miller Evangelical Christian Union Church, formerly Brooklyn Christian Union Church, was founded in March 1969 by Reverend Austin Miller and his wife Reverend Pearline Miller, after they emigrated from Barbados .  Like so many Caribbean and West Indian Christians, the Millers wanted to create a church presence and experience similar to the way in which they worshipped and fellowshipped in the islands—one that was centered around strengthening community, evangelism and growing spiritually through the Word of God.

Like many churches, formed during this time, Miller Evangelical started from very humble beginnings.  Early members once gathered in the basement of a Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment building  located on Macon Street in what was then known as the Brooklyn Christian Union Church.  As more people migrated from the Caribbean, and settled into New York City, membership at the Brooklyn Christian Union Church continued to grow.  

During the spring of 1972, as a result of the dedication, hard work and sacrifice of its members, the Brooklyn Christian Union Church purchased its first property and relocated the church from Bedford-Stuyvesant to 257 Rogers Avenue, in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn.  

In August 1989,  Rev. Bowles Taitt took up the mantle of leadership laid down by Reverends Austin and Pearline Miller and Rev. George Bayley, who followed the Millers upon their retirement to Florida, in 1987. In September 1995, the name of the church was officially changed from “Brooklyn Christian Union Church” to “Miller Evangelical Christian Union Church of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union” (“Miller Evangelical”) in honor of its founding pastors.  The name change also reflected the church’s continued commitment to evangelism.  Rev. Austin Miller passed away in March 1996, followed by his wife Rev. Pearline Miller in March 2006.