Our Denomination

Miller Evangelical Christian Union Church is a member church of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union. It is one of about 200 churches throughout the country and the West Indies. The Churches of Christ in Christian Union was established in 1909 after separating from the Christian Union denomination, formed in 1864.

The reason for the secession was due to the fact that the founding members, of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union, preached on the belief of holiness as a second definite work of grace which follows salvation, the first work of grace. Grace is defined as God’s unmerited love and favor, towards us.

This belief details two specific phases that take place during one’s Christian journey. The first work of grace, salvation, takes place when a person accepts Christ as their Lord and Savior. It is understood, that after one makes the decision to accept Christ, for themselves, they become a new creation, or in other words, they are spiritually born again. This internal realization is recognized through baptism, which is the immersion in water meant to symbolize renewal or regeneration and one’s commitment and dedication to God.

The second work of grace, holiness, is both an instantaneous occurrence and a process that begins when a believer becomes a new creation. Holiness, also known as sanctification, is both a state of being as well as a behavior that transforms and separates the believer from sinful nature, things not of God, to living a life fully devoted and committed to Him.

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Mission, Vision and Core Values

 Our mission is to worship God, build community, reach the broken, and be an example!   Our vision is to be the bridge that unites people from all walks of life with Jesus Christ and one another.   The foundational beliefs of our ministry, and the driving force behind our church’s mission and vision, are centered around five core values:

1.      Biblical Truth

2.      Prayer

3.      Worship

4.      Fellowship

5.      Evangelism