Passing the Torch

 In January 2018, after almost 30 years of dedicated service, Rev. Bowles Taitt announced that he would be stepping down from his role as senior pastor at the end of that year.  A pastoral search ensued and through prayer and the tireless and steadfast work of the pastoral search team, we were able to install, Rev. Justin C. Lockhart as the new senior pastor of Miller Evangelical on January 27, 2019.  

During his installation service, Rev. Lockhart preached three “P” principles that we needed to commit to as a body of believers—prayer, patience and participation.  Prayer, must always be at the foundation of everything we do as a ministry because our growth and success will depend on our commitment in seeking the Lord in prayer.  Patience, is an important tenet to always keep in mind because we move at God’s pace and not our own.  We must be patient as God continues to mold our church into His vision, under the leadership of Rev. Lockhart. And lastly, participation, as it relates to service.  Every believer’s responsibility is to be in service to God and one another.   

These principles continue to guide our ministry and our commitment to being intentional about creating a worship experience for all so that people can know God for themselves because, at Miller Evangelical, we endeavor to be a bridge that connects people across cultures, race and generations to Christ.