A Legacy in the Making

 In the fall of 1995, the leadership team began a series of intensive diagnostic and leadership training sessions.  This culminated in the formulation of a five-year strategic plan that was formally adopted by the congregation on June 1, 1997.  Integral to the plan was the purchase of a larger property to house the expanding congregation and accommodate its growing ministry. On Sunday, May 2, 2004, after six years of fundraising, construction, and numerous challenges, the church moved into its new, and current, location at 1110 President Street in Brooklyn, which happens to be around the corner from its old location on Rogers Avenue.  

This new facility with a sanctuary seating over 450 persons, classrooms, offices, a fellowship hall and full commercial kitchen, has helped to facilitate the church’s emphasis on leadership training and development, youth ministry, evangelism, music and creative arts.  The church’s focus on encouraging members to engage in at least one form of ministry was recognized by local publications such as the New York Daily News in a 2008 feature “Faith in the City: Service with a Smile” and a 2011 Christian Post article that highlighted the church’s teen-based step team. 

In 2009, Miller Evangelical joined nearly 12,000 fellow Churches of Christ in Christian Union members in celebrating the denomination’s centennial anniversary.  Keeping with the denomination’s commitment to evangelism, the Staten Island Christian Union Church was established as a daughter church on October 17, 2011.  This church plant is led by Pastor Linus Saile and his wife, Minister Marie Saile and its founding members include a number of persons from Miller Evangelical.